TRAFO repairs

Our Trafo repair unit comes in picture when time or transport presents any kind of a challenge due to expense, time & complexity.
We bring to you the comprehensive package of orderliness, cleanliness, heavy lifting equipment, special tools & fixtures, specialist experienced teams in each process area, drying facilities & test bay capabilities to the site, tailored to meet the vivid circumstances of failure.
We are at forefront for providing Power and Distribution Transformer Repairing system in India. We have a great list of clients from different sectors, who have shown faith and relied on our quality service & post commissioning activities.

We undertake site overhauling/servicing work for all type & make of transformer up to & including 100MVA, up to 220 KV Class.

Overhauling is the process of restoring & maintaining an equipment, machine, or system in a serviceable condition. Our Overhauling services includes:

  • Partial or complete disassembly of the item.
  • Inspection to detect damaged, defective, or worn parts
  • Repair or replacement of such parts.
  • Reassembly, testing, & trial-run prior to returning the item to its full operating level.

It reduces chances of breakdowns and enhances life of transformer. We have adequate team of site engineers, supervisors and skilled diploma labour providing you the best onsite service.

Choose from many reasons

  • Technical advice about the questions of operation, repair and manufacture of transformers.
  • Diagnostics and giving recommendations about faults, repairs and operation.
  • Integrated maintenance of transformers up to 220 kV of all types and manufacturers, including CMDs, tap changing devices, cooling system, etc.
  • Expert evaluation of technical condition and identification of causes of accidents.
  • Assistance in choosing the parameters of a transformer, its configuration and preparation of technical requirements for production/repair.
  • Feasibility study of reason-ability of repair/refurbishment.

Special On site test:
– DGA & PPM tests pre post filtration of oil
– Tan Delta & capacitance Test for condenser bushing,
– Tan Delta & capacitance Test for winding
– Degree of polymerization test for winding lead insulation
– Furan test series or PIBP test.

– Rating up to 100MVA
– Voltage class up to 220kv
– No of phases: up to 3
– Frequency: 50/60Hz
– App. Standards:IS2026, IEC76, ANSI, IEEE
– Tap changer: OCTC, OLTC, as per customer specification