Using our latest technology and the experience, we have successfully delivered Furnace transformer with power ratings of up to 5 MVA and primary voltages of up to 33 kV. All transformer of this class meet the industrial standards IS:12977, confirming the quality benchmark and client’s expectation. We have proven our mettle and catered to the needs of diverse industries like Silicon carbide manufacturing, steel melting, heat treatment, Alumina manufacturing etc.

Our quality team has designed and tested these transformers to meet adverse conditions of high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress to which they may be subjected during industrial operation.
We do take complete specification and consideration in designing these transformers for electric-arc furnaces which need high secondary currents the fusion process (dozens of kA) and the wide range of secondary voltages, which are normally regulated by an on-load tap changer (OLTC), either directly on the high-voltage winding or via an intermediate booster located within the same tank.

Features & Benefits:

  • Customized tapping arrangement for wide range of secondary voltages and LT winding for large LT currents.
  • Cooling arrangements like ONAN/ ONAF/ OFWF.
  • Designed to withstand repeated short-circuit conditions and high thermal stresses.
  • Protected against operational overvoltage due to frequent switching.
  • Direct or indirect regulation option available.
  • On-load or no-load tap changer (OLTC or NLTC).
  • RC-SA high voltage protection system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Construction type: double core with two windings and on-load control of secondary voltage (two secondary).
  • Nominal Power: 5 MVA OFWF
  • Nominal Ratio: 6000/273-235-186 V
  • Three-phase power up to:5 MVA
  • Primary voltage up to: 33 kV
  • Secondary voltage up to: 700 V
  • Secondary current up to: 100 kA
  • For applications in excess of 2,000 VDC (>100 kA)

Standard Fittings:

  • Pole mounting brackets
  • Heavy-duty lifting lugs and hanger brackets
  • Pressure Relief Device / Self Vending Top Cover
  • Tank Grounding Provision
  • Rating and diagram plate
  • Primary Bushings
  • Secondary Bushings
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Bird Guard

Optional Fittings:

  • Lightning Arrester / Arcing Horns
  • High Voltage Neutral Bushing
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Tap Changer for External Operation
  • Cable Terminations
  • Complete Self Protection feature.