Spares & Accessories

We, at Nakoda Products, provides wide range of spares & accessories to enhance and improve the capability.
Reason being, we fully understand that simply taking good care of our transformers does not entirely eliminate the chances of their breaking. When that happens, the fire drill begins.

With our expertise, we have implemented the concept of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) consulting, under which we help to develop standard processes that establish the method to determine what all critical parts (spares & accessories) needs to be kept on hand. Critical parts are identified as recent chronic problem area and difficult to obtain within 24 to 48 hours. Cost should NOT be a factor.
If the chance of occurrence of problem is high and we are left waiting days or weeks for the parts to come in, its better to keep these parts on hand no matter what the cost of the part is. The spare parts inventory needs to be built and reviewed on a regular basis as frequently once a year.
Spare parts inventories are a necessary part of running a manufacturing business. When you order machinery from Nakoda Products, just ask about adding spare parts to your order.

We treat our spare parts business as seriously as our finished products. They are as genuine and adhere to quality standards. Every unit is manufactured and tested in the same on field conditions to deliver you the best when needed the most in event of failure.

Benefits of Spares:

  • Increased service level of inventory.
  • Improved equipment up time.
  • Decreased investment in inventory.

We are offering you from our inventory the extensive range of spares & accessories to choose as per your requirement. The listing goes as

  • CGRO cut core lamination.
  • Core Coil Assembly.
  • Insulation papers.
  • Transformer brass metal parts.
  • Transformer Tanks.
  • HV & LV bushing.
  • Cork Gasket components.
  • Hardware & fasteners.
  • Pressure relief valves.
  • Radiator valves.
  • Magnetic oil level gauges.
  • Prismatic Oil level gauge.
  • Silica gel breather.
  • Buchholz relays.
  • Press boards.
  • Cotton tapes.

We also specialize in manufacturing of customized spares & accessories range for other company products in transformer utilities.