A rectifier transformer is a Special class transformer which houses diodes or thyristors in the same tank, along with regulated voltage. Rectifier transformers are mainly used for industrial processes which needs high direct current (dc) supply like dc traction, electrolysis, smelting operations, large variable speed drive trains etc. to name a few.

We, at Nakoda products brings to you Rectifier Transformers in double-stack configuration, phase-shifting, interphase reactors, transductors and filter-winding configuration with power ratings of up to 10MVA and primary voltages of up to 52 kV.

Our expert team helps you to understand the industrial requirement and

    suggests you with the best possible configuration depending on:

  • Bridge type connection of the thyristors for higher voltages.
  • Inter-phase connection for low voltage, high current applications.
  • Number of pulses (6, 12 and higher with phase shifting).
  • Eddy current and harmonic issues.
  • Direct or indirect regulation.
  • On-load or off-circuit tap changer.
  • Air-cooled secondary bushing arrangements and designs.

We understand your varied needs and hence provide options for built-in or a separate voltage regulation unit depending on large variety of applications.

In a very short span of time, Nakoda Products has built up an image of an emerging brand on national level in the arena of rectifier transformers. The company’s products are used across a wide spectrum of applications by a plethora of major clients.

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust construction having excellent short circuit and thermal withstand capabilities.
  • Interlaced core-type design, more resistant to low-side voltage surges.
  • Robust design for continuous and uninterrupted load condition.
  • Proven technology, effectively improving the quality and reliability of the electrical distribution system.
  • Powder Coated Tank Body - Excellent finish
  • Customizable as Double star (DSS), Double bridge (DB) configuration type.

Technical Specifications:

  • Construction type: double core with two windings and on-load control of secondary voltage (two secondary).
  • Nominal Power: 13510 kVA OFWF
  • Nominal Ratio: 60000/373-336-132,5 V
  • Three-phase power up to: 10 MVA
  • Primary voltage up to: 52 kV
  • Secondary voltage up to: 1500 V
  • Secondary current up to: 100 kA
  • For applications in excess of 2,000 VDC (>100 kA)

Standard Fittings:

  • Pole mounting brackets
  • Heavy-duty lifting lugs and hanger brackets
  • Pressure Relief Device / Self Vending Top Cover
  • Tank Grounding Provision
  • Rating and diagram plate
  • Primary Bushings
  • Secondary Bushings
  • Oil Level Gauge
  • Bird Guard

Optional Fittings:

  • Lightning Arrester / Arcing Horns
  • High Voltage Neutral Bushing
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Tap Changer for External Operation
  • Cable Terminations
  • Complete Self Protection feature